Update 23 May 2021 1. Added a ticket scan for Rochester 17 June 1974. 2. Replaced some ticket scans and concert ads with better versions. 21 March 2021 1. Added an article to the concert date entry for Memphis 30 June 1974. 2. Replaced some ticket scans with better versions. 3. Added details for 2 books - Diamond Dogs Songbook and Diamond Dogs by Glenn Hendler. Update 14 March 2021 1. Illustrated the 1974 Diary page with appropriate images. 2. Added stage set detail to the Tour 5 - Second Leg page. 3. Created a new page - Milwaukee Star Studio. 4. Replaced some ticket scans with better versions, added a new one for Cleveland 19 June 1974. 5. Added new concert ads for Toronto 16 June 1974 and Cleveland 6 November 1974. Update 7 March 2021 1. Uploaded all remaining Concert Reviews. 2. Added details of a new audio recording for Los Angeles 7 September 1974. 3. Added some of Nacho’s videos to the concert date entry for Los Angeles 5 September 1974. 4. Added video clips to the concert date entry for San Diego 11 September 1974. 5. Added some press detail to the Cracked Actor documentary. 6. Slightly widened the website display. Update 28 February 2021 1. Created new pages for each tour/leg of tour to provide additional background information and a map showing cities played. 2. Uploaded all remaining Concert Reviews for Tour 4. 3. Added more Concert Ads. 4. Added some video screengrabs. 5. Added more music press images. Update 21 February 2021 1. Added more Concert Reviews for Tour 4. 2. Replaced some ticket scans with better versions and added one for the cancelled Detroit show on 22 June 1974. 3. Added more Concert Ads and music press images. Update 14 February 2021 The original version of this website was first published in January 2002 and it was my intention then - as it still is now - to piece together all that is known about the period to provide a factual account of a very important time in our hero's illustrious career. There have been a number of significant events over the past year or so - such as an auction of artefacts by Mark Ravitz and my own visit to Philadelphia to listen to the early Sigma Sound recordings - which made me realise that an update of this site was necessary. In addition, I have received a substantial amount of tour information from Martyn Hammond and I would like to say a special thank you to him for his support and generous contributions to the site. The highlights of this update: 1. A complete and accurate list of all concert dates played in 1974 - for the first time ever, anywhere! 2. Details of cancelled and rescheduled shows. 3. Consolidation of concert memorabilia for each show. Most have ticket scans appended and, where available, details of associated audio and video recordings, photos, concert ads, backstage passes, special concert programmes and press reviews. 4. How the Diamond Dogs tour set was designed - including rejected ideas and original setlist. 5. A more comprehensive account of the Sigma Sound recording sessions with lyrical differences and timings. 6. Background information to the official albums - such as the recordings used for the ‘Cracked Actor’ release. 7. Identification of the ‘mystery’ saxophone player on the Soul Tour rehearsals. 8. Correction of the recording studio name in Holland used for Diamond Dogs. 9. Identification of the correct recording dates for ‘David Live’. Chris Carter gouster.cc@gmail.com +++ PLEASE REPORT ANY BROKEN LINKS +++
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