1975 RCA 1. Young Americans; 2. Win; 3. Fascination; 4. Right; 5. Somebody Up There Likes Me; 6. Across The Universe; 7. Can You Hear Me; 8. Fame. 1991 Rykodisc/EMI bonus tracks 1. Who Can I Be Now?; 2. It's Gonna Be Me; 3. John, I'm Only Dancing (Again). 2007 EMI Special Edition 1. John, I'm Only Dancing (Again); 2. Who Can I Be Now?; 3 It's Gonna Be Me (with strings); 4. 1984 (live on The Dick Cavett Show; DVD only); 5. Young Americans (live on The Dick Cavett Show; DVD only); 6.  Dick Cavett interviews David Bowie (DVD only). Musicians David Bowie - vocals, guitar, keyboards; Mike Garson – keyboards; Carlos Alomar and Earl Slick - guitars; Willie Weeks and Emir Ksasan – bass; David Sanborn - saxophone; Andy Newmark and Dennis Davis – drums; Larry Washington, Ralph McDonald and Pablo Rosario - percussion; Ava Cherry, Robin Clark, Luther Vandross, Anthony Hinton, Diane Sumler and Warren Peace - backing vocals. Additional Musicians for Across The Universe and Fame John Lennon vocals, guitar; Jean Fineberg and Jean Millington - backing vocals. Recorded Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia and Record Plant and Electric Ladyland Studios, New York between August 1974 and January 1975. Released 7 March 1975.
The Young American
“Young Americans” Album
Young Americans TV commercial (by Nacho)
Following completion of the Soul Tour, the tracks recorded at Sigma Sound Studios were taken to the Record Plant in New York for mixing. This activity continued for about 2 weeks and then Tony Visconti took the master tapes back to London. At this time the album was titled ‘Fascination’ and press reports stated that it consisted of 7 tracks: 1. John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) 2. Young Americans 3. Fascination 4. Right 5. Win 6. It’s Gonna Be Me 7. Can You Hear Me However, later press reports stated that there were 8 tracks so it may be assumed that the extra track was Somebody Up There Likes Me. In early January 1975, David booked time at the Electric Ladyland studios in New York to record the Lennon/McCartney song “Across The Universe”. He invited John Lennon to assist with the recording and during their time in the studios they also recorded “Fame” written around the riff to “Footstompin’”. David then decided to use the two new tracks on the new album in place of “John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)” and “It’s Gonna Be Me” and, thus, the track listing for the “Young Americans” album was finalised. .